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   Vangel Kodzoman was born in Struga on tha 14th of Februay 1904, in 1923/24 he received his high school certificate in Ohrid. In 1924-28, he graduated from the teaching department in Art School in Belgrade ( prof. Beta Vukanovic, Ljuba Ivanovic, I. Sobaic ). In 1928 he continued his studies in a two years academic course of art by professor Milan Milovanovic. Towards the end of the course he had a short study stay in Italy. After the nine months army service in Saraevo in 1931 he tppk a teaching post as an art teacher in the high school in Ohrid. From 1929, especially from 1936 to the beginning of the war he participated in the spring exhibitions of the Belgrade painters.

    In 1937 he took part in the exhibition of the Independed painters of Belgrade called by the name “ bojkotaska ”. In 1938-39 he received a post as an art teacher in the Seventh Boys High School in Belgrade, were he stayed till 1945. He took part in the cultural, artistic and sport life.In October, several days after the liberation of Belgrade he became a military painter in the Department of Propaganda in the General Staff of Macedonia with the aim for expansion of the plastic arts among the army and the population. He stayed on this position for six months, till the first of June 1945. After the demobilization, towards the end of September 1945 he arrived in Skopje and was appointed professor in the art School of Applied Arts. He worked in this school till 1952.

   Vangel Kodzoman is one of the founders of DLUM ( The society of Macedonian Artists ) in Skopje and was a member of its menagment for many years. Since 1945 he has taken part in the exhibitions organized by DLUM in Skopje as well as in the Yugoslav centers as well. From 1952 he began to teach at the Teachers College in Skopje, teaching painting, methodology and art education till 1972. He taught many generations of young artists and pedagogues. In 1953 together with Licenovski and Martinovski he represented Macedonian art at the grand exhibition “ Half a century Yugoslav painting 1900- 1950 ” in the modern Gallery in Zagreb.

    In 1955-56 he had a four month stay in Paris. In his Diary he will write: “ After the stay in the metropolis my intensions become more brave and more affirmative, with a certain built up and with a development of a creative instinct ”. In 1974 in Struga he opened a permanent exhibition, a legacy to Struga with the theme Struga in the past, in the memorial home of Vangel Kodzoman, with 30 oil paintings and water colours. In 1975 he was elected a corresponding member of MANU ( Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences ) and a regular member in 1981. He bares several awards: the 8th November Prize of the town of Struga in 1975, the October prize of the Macedonian state for life achievement 1969, AVNOJ ( Yugoslav prize ) 1979, the 13th November prize of the city of Skopje.


   The art gallery “ Vangel Kodzoman ” within the “Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski ” museum Struga, was founded in 1980, as an exhibition space for the perpetual display of 33 of the author`s paintings. The displayed paintings are interspersed with a unique thread of tradition, heritage, and the spirit of the surrounding. From the profuse artistic opus of Vangel Kodzoman, a meaningful segment and a lasting theme preoccupation are his paintings inspired by his hometown Struga and its surroundings. Numerous of the motives, which as smeared photographic shots are interlaced, converted and transformed into paintings through which the artist experiences and percepts in a strong and sung-about wooden louvers, the winding sandy alleys, the market, the wide fishing spots, the idle cupboards, the blue waters of the lake.

    Many of the motives by which the author was assumed and encouraged through a characteristic empirical expression to be transferred on canvas, paper, or plywood are lost today. They have irreversibly disappeared with the breath of time and the dynamics of the contemporary way of life; however, this paintings covered with the coating of the years receive a documentary note of last coryphaeus which will always remind us of the beautiful architecture of the old city, the life in the bazaar and the idyllic landscape of the surrounding.


Вангел Коџоман "Родниот сокак", масло на платно, 66х49.5cm

Вангел Коџоман "Горна мала", масло на картон, 34х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Куќата на Тасица 2", акварел, 33х26cm

Вангел Коџоман "Стариот житен пазар" масло на картон, 27х37cm

Вангел Коџоман "Улицата на Нестор", масло на картон 34х18cm

Вангел Коџоман "Улицата на Нико Нестор", масло на картон 34х18cm

Вангел Коџоман "Старо и ново", масло на картон 32х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Пред пионерскиот дом", масло на картон 32х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Испосница св. Атанасиј", Калишта, масло на платно 53х72cm

Вангел Коџоман "Мотив од стара Струга" масло на картон, 25х35cm

Вангел Коџоман "Сокакот на Миладиновци" масло на картон, 34х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Чаршијата во Струга", масло на платно, 54х74cm

Вангел Коџоман "Улицата на Шантевци", масло на картон, 45х60cm

Вангел Коџоман "Даљаните и Струга", масло на платно, 50х65cm

Вангел Коџоман "Чаршијата во Струга 2", масло на картон, 45х63cm

Вангел Коџоман "Старата струшка чаршија", масло на картон, 44х60cm

Вангел Коџоман "Црковна куќа", масло на картон, 34х49cm

Вангел Коџоман "Црковна куќа", масло на  хартија, 35х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Куќата на Јосиф Штичарот", масло на картон, 35х48cm 

Вангел Коџоман "Слепо сокаче" , масло на платно, 35х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Нашиот сокак", масло на картон, 49х34cm

Вангел Коџоман "Крај Дрим", масло на картон, 33х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Мотив од стара Струга", масло на картон, 29х42cm

Вангел Коџоман "Турска мала", масло на картон, 24х33cm

Вангел Коџоман "Крај Дрим 2", масло на картон, 35х50cm

Вангел Коџоман "Аталот каде што беше некогашниот хотел Београд", масло на картон, 34х49.5cm

Вангел Коџоман "Саат кулата во Струга", масло на картон, 37х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Куќата на Тасица", масло на платно, 46х40cm

Вангел Коџоман "Горна мала", масло на картон, 42х31cm

Вангел Коџоман "Кумбаров сокак", масло на картон, 32х41cm

Вангел Коџоман "Куќата на Сотир Љонндро и Аџовци", масло на картон, 33х48cm

Вангел Коџоман "Мотив од стара Струга", масло на картон, 25.5х34.5cm

Вангел Коџоман "Korovin Roses"